The values below are the moral compass of our company and product. We use these during decision making, product development and hiring. We believe it's important to share these values to our community. ❤️


Our mission is the amplify the developer and the open source community. With mindful intentions, design and develop products that empower the developer to build applications rapidly, reduce software waste, and expose business logic; expanding the developers universe.

Unite the community.

Design and build product that bring the developer community together while encouraging aspiring developers through education and mentorship.

Open Source.

Software is our commodity; data and support is our value. Our entire product, every bit and byte is open source licensed to promote transparency, reduce vendor lock-in and encourage usability.

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Independent Services.

Microservices and serverless functions must be language-agnostic and not designed for one vendor (like us); fully independent and highly reusable.  

Asyncy contributed the Open Microservice Guide to express these values.

Service-oriented programming.

Each service is an abstraction of it's domain. Design applications by thinking of how data flows between services.

Learn how to write your first story.

Code is truth.

Developers want to code. Developer read code more than they write code. The truth about what a product or feature does is in the story of data; it's in the Storyscript.

Give back.

By sharing anonymous data (e.g., frequency of usage, number of errors, action popularity) is valuable data to the community to encourage stronger software development.

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