Write stories, then code.

OSS Microservice Choreography as a Platform

Write applications as stories, removing all the unnecessary complexity, choreographing microservices on a batteries-included OSS platform.

Meet Storyscript

A high-level programming language that orchestrates microservices. Expressive and transparent logic with built-in service discovery.

Microservice choreography

Microservice Choreography is an architecture layer above container orchestration which eliminates service coupling through a managed service interface.


Transparent, long-running logic for customer retention and marketing automation. Perfect for social media and cron jobs.


Seamlessly connect services and applications with reusable containers. Perfect for devops, webhooks and bots.


Prototype applications 10-100x quicker on a production-grade platform powered by microservices. Perfect for backends and APIs.

Open Source

Run Asyncy in any environment. Locally, or on our hosted cloud.

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